Basketball Tip In Rally

This drill will help develop your basketball jump shot . This drill takes stamina and the ability to catch and shoot the ball in a single jump.

Ideal Equipment: basketball, basketball hoop

Area: basketball court

Objective: See how many times in a row you can tip the ball up to the backboard.

How to Play: Standing about 5 feet out from the backboard, throw the ball up so it does not go in the hoop, but rather, bounce back to about where you are standing. As it comes down, jump up in the air, catch it and throw it back up to the backboard in the same spot. Repeat this as many times as possible. The important thing to remember about this drill is that when you are touching the ball, your feet should not be touching the ground.

For added challenge, play with one or more other people and take turns tipping the ball up as a team. This will build your team communication skills as well as your abilities.


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