Way Down South

This song was sprung on me as a camper as soon as I got to my first residence camp. Now that I think back on it, I’m sure the staff knew what they were doing. I lost my voice with this song and I know many other campers did too. So, we started off the week with a good bunch of boisterous campers who had no voices. Hmmm?

To sing this properly, the first verse starts off soft. The next verse gets a little bit louder. Then louder on the next round. Then louder each time until the campers are screaing at the top of their lungs. Here is what they are singing, emphasizing the word “WHOOP”. Remember the “W” is silent so it sounds like “hoop”:
Way down south not too very far off
A jaybird died of a WHOOPing cough
He WHOOPed so hard from the WHOOPing cough
That he WHOOPed his dead and his tail right off


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