Alligator Wrestling

Got a bunch of kids who like to play rough? This game will help them feel like they got to play rough when, in reality, it doesn’t get to a point where anyone gets hurt. You won’t need a lot of space so, on a rainy day, this is a good energy burner.

Materials: preferably a soft floor, either grass or carpet

Number of players: 2+

Area: 10′ x 10′ at most

Objective: to knock the other player off balance

How To Play: Two players face off with one another. They get on the ground, facing each other in “push-up” position. During the match they must keep their bodies flat, that is, no butts in the air. Using arms, legs, etc. each contender tries to knock the other down or get out of “push-up” position. Once a player is on the ground, the match is over.

The great thing about this game is, the matches can go on for a good long time and the person who loses doesn’t have too far to fall. Everyone usually ends up laughing and it’s fun to watch different alligator tactics develop.

You might be daring enough to try this with more than two people at a time.


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