Soccer Obstacle Course

This drill will help participants control the ball and improve their speed while dribbling the soccer ball.

Ideal Equipment: Soccer ball, various obstacles such as chairs, benches, pylons, hoops and a goal.

Area: About the size of a half soccer field

Set Up: mark out the boundaries, starting and ending points with pylons. Set up a goal. Stand up a hula hoop. Set out chairs or benches. Set out other pylons for weaving in and out.

Objective: Get the ball to the other end of the field by going around, over and through the obstacles without using your hands.

How To Play: Kick the soccer ball through hula hoops, over benches and around pylons and under chairs until you get to the goal at the other end. When you get to the goal, kick the ball in. Play for time or set up identical obstacle courses side-by-side for racing fun.

Alternative: rather than a goal at the end, you can turn this into a relay race where the person passes the ball off to their team-mate once they reach the end. The team-mate then brings the ball back along the obstacle course and gives it to the next person in line.


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