Volleyball Serve

This drill will help participants improve their hand/eye coordination, help learn to control their power and strengthen their arms.

Ideal Equipment: Volleyball, net.

Area: Any area with enough ceiling clearance and something to act as a volleyball net. Preferably a legal size volleyball court.

Set Up: Mark limit lines for serving if they aren’t already delineated. Hang a rope between two pieces of playground equipment if no volleyball net is available.

Objective: Serve the volleyball over the net from the serving line, using either the underhanded (ice-cream scoop) serve or the over-head serve.

How To Play: Participants serve the volleyball over the net, beginning behind the serving line. If they cross the serving line before the ball leaves their hands, it is “no good”. Play one of two ways: a) best out of ten or b) serve until you miss. Try to improve each time.


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