Volleyball Rally

This drill will help participants improve their hand/eye coordination and help learn to control their power.

Ideal Equipment: Volleyball.

Area: Any area with enough ceiling clearance. Preferably outside or in a gym.

Set Up: This game requires a minimum of two people.

Objective: Bump, volley or spike the volleyball as many times as you can. Try to use legal volleyball hits (i.e. no slaps, holds or one-handed volleys).

How To Play: For two participants, stand facing each other spread out about 5-10 feet from each other. For more than two participants, stand in a circle with at least 5 feet of distance on either side of each person. Play begins with one person tossing the volleyball to another, who then begins bumping it up in the air. Once that person has hit the ball, another person must hit it before that person can touch it again (i.e. no double-hits). Count the number of hits the group gets before the ball goes out of play by touching the ground. Set a goal to reach “x” number of hits in the rally or just try to beat your best each time.


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