Football Throw Over Net

This drill will help participants improve their throw and strengthen their arms.

Ideal Equipment: Footballs, pylons, volleyball net (or rope).

Area: large playground area, preferably grassy

Set Up: Establish line from which to throw the ball. Set up near a volleyball net or rig a rope between two pieces of playground equipment. If you are using a rope, mark off an area on the other side of it with pylons about twenty feet away.

Objective: Throw the football over the net but within the boundary of the lines or pylons on the other side.

How To Play: Have participants stand behind limit lines to throw the football. Participants who are waiting for their turn should stand to the side and out of sight of the thrower to avoid distraction. Standing behind the limit line, throw the football over the net into the boundary area. Play one of two ways: a) best out of ten throws or b) get another turn for each successful throw until they miss. Try to improve each time.


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