Lights Out

Here’s a brand new game invented by the Culver City “Just 4 Kids” Summer Camp, part of the Culver City Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department in Culver City, CA.

During a training, I had two groups design games using a limited equipment stash and area. They brainstormed and came up with this game in about 45 minutes. This was a fun game to play and i really gotta give the entire staff kudos for making a difference in the lives of their campers this summer. they may need to remind me of some of the rules I missed. Check out this game…

Materials: pylons for boundary markers, optional blindfold

Area: depending on the number of players, maybe start with a half-volleyball court

Number of participants: at least 10

Objective: be the last person tagged

How To Play: One person is “it” and is blindfolded. Another person is chosen to be their “guide”. Everyone except the “guide” is inside the boundary area. The person who is “it” tries to tag anyone they can in the boundary area. They try to improve their chances by calling out players’ names. When they call out a someone’s name, that person must freeze until two other players undo the feeze by touching that frozen player. If someone is tagged by the person who is “it”, they lock arms with that person, close their eyes, and become part of an “it” blob.

All this time, the “guide” is directing the “it” person towards potential victims. The “guide” also alerts the person who is “it” when they are close to going out of bounds or are about to encounter danger.

Play continues until one person remains untagged. Once there is only one person left, that person gets to choose a new person to be “it”.

Did I miss anything?


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