Jambalaya Jim

Here’s a great game to help you remember all the names of the people in a group. It’s based on the Name Juggle game.

Materials: one ball

Area: depending on group size, about a half volleyball court for 15-20 participants

Objective: remember the names of the people in the group

How To Play: Gather the group together in a circle, leaving about an arm’s distance between participants. One person starts off by saying the name of an edible food (e.g. fruit, vegetable, appetizer, side dish, main course, dessert, etc.) and then their name. The food must begin with the same sound as their name such as “Jambalaya Jim”.

Once they have said it nice and loud for the entire group to hear, they pass the ball to one person who hasn’t had a turn. The ball can be passed across the circle; it doesn’t have to be the person right next to them.

The person receiving the ball says the first person’s food and name, then adds there’s such as “Jambalaya Jim”, “Mushroom Mark”. he then passes to another player in the group who must recite all the names that came before and then add their own food and name.

Play continues until everyone in the group has had a chance and has successfully recited the growing list of foods and names. Once everyone has had a chance to go, the ball comes back to the first person who now must recite everyone’s food and name.

You really can’t escape this game without learning most of the names in the group.

Alternatives: instead of food, use another theme such as cartoons, TV shows, cities, songs, artists, etc.


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