Don’t let the title scare you away. This game is well worth learning and is a great way to get a group mingling.

Materials: none

Area: a clear room large enough to accommodate the group of players you are engaging while they walk around.

Number of Players: minimum 15. Best played with up to 50 or more.

How To Play: First, choose an Assassin. Have all players get in a circle, facing inward, eyes closed. the leader walks around the entire circle and touches one participant. When the leader has made a complete circle and has chosen one person to be the “Assassin” he says “Go”.

Play begins with all players walking around the room, shaking hands with one another. The Assassin has a special handshake (one finger tucked in to tickle the palm of the unsuspecting victim).

When the Assassin has “murdered” someone by giving them the special handshake, that person must act as if nothing has happened for a period of at least 5 seconds but no more than ten seconds. In that time, the victim performs his/her best “dying cockroach”, really playing up the fact that they are dying. He/she may not look at the Assassin or point them out in any way. All dead people must lie down on the floor.

Play continues until someone thinks they know who the Assassin is. They stop the game by saying “I know who it is”. Everyone must freeze at this notice and the accuser then points out the person they think is the Assassin. If they are incorrect, they die. If they are correct, they get to choose the Assassin in the next game.


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