I played this one years ago and forgot about it. My friend, Mike Diekmann, who I lost touch with for about 20 years and reconnected with on FaceBook, reminded me about this game. Excellent to get the brain going.

Materials: none

Area: none

Objective: replace the numbers you are supposed to avoid with the buzzword.

How To Play: There’s a reason this is called “Sevens”. Sitting in a circle, play begins and passes to the right. the first person says the number “one”. The next person says the number “two”. Play continues like this, increasing the number until the person who would say the number “seven”. Rather than saying “seven”, that person says “BOINK”. The next person says the number “eight” and so on.

Players continue saying numbers unless it is a multiple of seven (such as 14, 21, 28, 35, etc.) or a number ending in “7” (such as 17, 27, 37, 47, etc.) If it is one of those numbers, the word “BOINK” must be used in its place because “7”, and anything to do with “7” is taboo.

You can use a point system to keep track of who messes up. The more points you earn, the more you’ve messed up.

The game is fun and educational for those just learning their times tables. It can be adapted in the following ways:

-use a sound such as a pig “oinking” or a whistle, rather than a buzzword
-play the game with “fives” instead of “sevens” for a younger group who has a harder time with times tables


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