Steal the Bacon

Someone’s stealing something? It better not be my bacon! A camp classic… ¬†Referee this one closely as it tends to stir up disagreements.

Materials: A ball or shirt or backpack– anything that can be the token “bacon”.

Area: a full basketball court.

Objective: Get the bacon back to your own safe zone without being tagged by the opposing team.

Set-up: Pair everyone up on two equal teams of at least five players each. Give each pair a number. For example, if there’s 10 players on each side, you will number them one through ten. Each team lines up at their own backcourt line of the basketball court (furthest away from midcourt).

How to Play:¬†Referee calls out any number of the teams. For example, when the number “8” is called out the person on each team who is number “8” runs down to the mid-court where the bacon is sitting. Both try to snatch the bacon and bring it back to their own backcourt line without being tagged by the other person. Once a person has the bacon, they may be tagged. If they are tagged, they are out on the sidelines until the end of the game. Teams may cross over the center court line at anytime but they may not go off the basketball court. anyone stepping out of bounds is automatically tagged and must sit out until the end of the game.

Play continues until one team successfully brings home the bacon and eliminates the other team.

Variation: As referee, try calling out multiple numbers at once to make the game trickier. When multiple numbers are called out, establish the rule that the bacon may be tossed to their team-mate. Anyone in possession of the bacon who gets tagged is out. One player may be eliminated in the multiple player variation, but play can continue with one player on a team until one team gets the bacon back to their side successfully.

Strategy: Lots of people try to steal the bacon and run it back to their side. The reason you have team-mates is so you can pass the bacon when a tagger gets too close. If the bacon is passed but dropped, or in any way touches the ground while it is not in the possession of a player, the game resets with the bacon going back to the middle and players lining up again at the their backcourt lines. Those players who were sidelined may not come back into the game at this time since it is a continuation of a match.


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