Four Corners (Switch)

After a training with the City of Inglewood, Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department, Alejandra Pimental reminded me of this game that takes very little space and really keeps the campers busy. Be prepared to referee this one as disagreements and “new rules” come out of nowhere when the action gets going in this game.

Materials: a foursquare handball court or, if you really want to get your campers tired, use a small baseball diamond.

Number of Players: Minimum five players. No maximum.

How to Play: Four players are runners and one is “it”. The runners station themselves on each of the four corners of the foursquare court. Each corner is considered a safe base. When it is inhabited by a player, they are safe. The person who is “it” starts in the middle of the foursqaure court at the intersection.

The goal is to score points by switching corners with another player without. Each time a runner successfully runs to another corner, they get one point. The person who is “it” tries to take one of the unoccupied corner spots before one of the runners gets to it. 

If a runner gets replaced by the person who is “it”, that runner is out. If there are only five players, the runner who just got out becomes “it”. If there are more than five players, the extra players wait their turn in a line that is at least feet away from the court to avoid running into each other. When a person gets out in this case, they go to the end of the line and the person who is waiting next in line goes to the    middle to be “it”.

Players keep their own score.


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