Catch A Smile

I think this was the name it was given. I saw this circle game at a birthday party hosted by SmartSpace staff ( She engaged a group of about 20 children ranging in ages from 2 to 8. Her technique was awesome. Check them out if you’re looking for a daycamp or classes or a party host in the Los Angeles area.

This game is like “Telephone” where you pass something on to the next person down the line.


Area: enough to accommodate the number of participants in your group sitting in a circle.

Materials: none

How to Play:
Sitting in a circle, the first person makes a silly face and shows it to the person on their right. That person makes the same face back to the first person to make sure it was the same face, then they turn to the person on their right and pass the face. This goes on until it gets to the last person in the circle. When the last person gets it they compare silly faces with the person who started it. Just like the old game “Telephone” the first person and last person may have a different expression of what was intended.


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