Spy vs. Spy

The original name of this game was “Assassin”. I tend to water down the stuff that isn’t appropriate for kids but, for the sake of having fun, you gotta play this game. It is best played on a college campus over the span of a week. It can also be played in a residence camp situation.

Materials: Index cards with picture and identifying info of all players, one player on each card.  Paper hat or visor for each player with their name on it.

Area: An entire school campus or residence camp area.

Object: To be the last spy left in the game or to end up with your own card.

Preparation: Each player is issued an index card to put their name and picture on. All cards are collected, shuffled and redistributed to all players. Make sure a player doesn’t get their own card at first.

How To Play: At the start, players try to take the hats off of those “spies” whose card they have. If a player is being attacked by another spy, the assumption is that the other spy has their “contract”. To defend themself, the spy who is being attacked may also try to take the visor of the other spy. ┬áPlease note: no spy may take the visor of another spy unless they have their contract or that other spy has their contract. Staff must closely monitor the game. Any spy who takes the visor of another spy without just cause is eliminated from the game.

When a visor is taken, that spy must give up their contract to the spy who got their visor. The “hatless” spy is now out of the game and the spy who has their contract now takes on the contract of the spy they eliminated. If a spy acquires a contract by pulling the visor off their attacker, they have secured their own contract and don’t have to worry too much about another spy attacking them. They only need to worry that the spy they are after doesn’t get their visor.

Play continues until one of two things happen: either a spy ends up going through all the other spies until they defeat the only other spy left standing OR a spy acquires their own contract from a person they had a contract on. In a large camp where there are hundreds of campers, the latter usually happens. When this happens, all spies who end up with their own contract, get to go into the next round of Spy vs. Spy in which the smaller group of spies who have attained their own contracts will be the only participants. Play continues and new rounds are started until there is only one spy left.

Special Considerations: Be sure to create a situation where there is close monitoring of the game. Be ready to resolve disputes creatively. If you don’t have enough hats, adapt by using something else that can be outwardly displayed, easily taken and not too cumbersome for those who have to walk around with it all week.


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