Balloon Tag

There are so many ways to reinvent the game of tag. Here’s one variation using balloons. Careful! Depending on the age of the participants you could have some tears on your hands.

Materials: As many balloons as you have participants. Maybe a few extra in case some accidentally pop before the game begins. You will also need enough string to tie the balloons to each participant with about one foot of leader.

Area: Large enough to accommodate your group running around fast and reckless. Make sure there are no obstacles.

Object: To be the last person with an inflated balloon.

Preparation: Blow up all balloons. Tie them to a string and tie the other end of the string to the ankle of each participant. Leave only 12 inches of string between the ankle and the balloon. 

How To Play: All players start as far away from other players as possible. When the referee says “GO”, all players try to pop the balloons of every other player. A balloon may be popped by stepping on it or somehow with their hands. Only players with full balloons can pop other player’s balloons. Once your balloon has been popped, you are out. All players with popped balloons must get out of the play area and wait until a winner has been declared. The winner is the only person left with an inflated balloon tied to their ankle.

Variation: a variation of this game is played with socks filled with flour. To get somebody out they hit another player with their sock full of flour. The mark it leaves attests to that person being tagged. Obviously, this game would need to be played with an older group who plays a little more rough than the average third grader.


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