Perfect Square

I learned this quick initiative from Paul B. who is an outdoor and cooperative games guru at AdventurePlex in Manhattan Beach. This initiative is more interesting when you have multiple groups playing against each other to see who forms the perfect square first. 

Materials: four 8-foot two-by-fours, at least ten people for one group

Area: large enough to accommodate two 2x4s laid end to end. Flat enough to ensure that people standing on the 2x4s won’t flip a board over.

Object: to form a perfect square moving as few boards as possible while the entire group (8-12 people per group) remains on the boards without stepping down.

Set Up: Arrange four 2x4s into an “X” (or cross) leaving a perfect square space in the middle where all four 2x4s touch each other’s corners. Now, slide only one of the 2x4s in so that it closes up the square space in the middle.

How To Play: Have a group of 8-12 people stand on the “X”. Tell them to form a perfect square by moving as few boards as possible and without any of their members touching the ground. Most groups will pick up two legs of the “X” and form a large square. The answer is to slide the one board back 4 inches so that the perfect square is seen in the middle of the “X”.


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