Clothespin Samurai

I learned this game at a staff training. Paul B. from AdventurePlex in Manhattan Beach, CA.  taught us this one. If you want to learn some great thinking games and icebreakers, Paul is an absolute guru.

Materials: 20 clothespins, one foam swatter, one blindfold, something to delineate a circle about 10-15 feet in diameter.

Area: a circle of about 10-15 feet in diameter free of obstructions

Objective: to rescue all the clothespins and to make sure everyone in the group is successful in rescuing at least one clothespin.

How To Play: One person is chosen to be the Samurai and is blindfolded, led to the center of the circle, adorned with clothespins all over their clothes and given a foam swatter. Please make sure the foam swatter is soft enough so that unlucky participants can get hit in the head and face without suffering injury. The swatter must also be stiff enough so that it doesn’t go limp with each swing. The Samura must defend his clothespins by swatting anyone trying to take one.

All participants stand around the outside of the circle. Only one participant may enter the circle at any time. Once a participant is in the circle, they try to take only one of the clothespins off of the Samurai’s clothing without being swatted. If they are swatted, they must exit the circle until their next turn and forfeit any clothespin they got off the clothing.

Play continues until all clothespins are taken from the Samurai.

This game is great when you have two or more groups playing against each other, trying to be the first team to get all the clothespins before the other team.


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