“Everyone Plays” Baseball (Kickball)

Want to build everyone’s hitting skills and make sure everyone has a chance to hit? This game is an interesting adaptation for baseball when you want to make sure everyone gets up to bat.

Area: Baseball field

Materials: Whatever you need for baseball. Can be used with a tennis ball instead of a hardball, just in case not everybody has a glove. Can substitute this entire game for Kickball as well.

Object: to score more runs thatn the opposing team as in real baseball.

How To Play: Divide up equal teams. You can play with 50 players if you need, 25 to a team. One team is up and the other is fielding. The main difference between this and regular baseball is that when a team is up to bat, every member must get a chance at bat, no matter how many outs have occurred. Once every member has batted, the half-inning is over and the teams switch spots.  The score is determined by the number of runs minus the number of outs. So, if you have ten players on a team and two score while eight get out, your score is negative 6. Kids think this is completely absurd and they forget all about regular baseball rules.

The game ends after a predetermined number of innings has finished.


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