Tip In

Great to develop basketball skills such as free-throw shooting, rebounding and shooting while in the air.

Materials: one basketball, a hoop, and at least 4 playersl

Area: one half-court basketball court

Object: to be the first person to score exactly 21 points

How To Play: One person starts off at the free throw line shooting free throws. The others stand anywhere under the hoop, ready to rebound the ball. If the ball goes in the hoop, the free throw shooter gets one point. If the ball doesn’t go in, the rebounders must try to catch the ball and shoot it in one motion while they are in the air. This is known as the “tip in”.  A tip in is only good if the person who shoots it was not touching the ground when they had possession of the ball.  A tip in shooter scores two points when they make a tip in. Then they become the free throw shooter and score one point for every free throw they make.  Free throw shooters get to shoot as long as none of the rebounders score a tip in.

If the free throw shooter throws up an airball (i.e. the ball doesn’t touch the rim or the backboard) and one of the rebounders catches the airball, this erases all points the shooter had (i.e. his score is now “0”) and the person who caught the ball is now the free throw shooter.

When a person is at 20 points and they score a 2-pointer from the rebound spot, their score goes back to 15 because they went past 21. If a shooter is at 20 points and is shooting from the free throw, their last shot needs to be from the top of the key. If they make that shot, they win.


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