This game gets too many rules to begin with. Here are the simple, quickstart rules.

Area: about 10 feet of open wall space with a wall of about ten feet high. About 20 feet of space from the wall to the back of the court.

Materials: a wall, a ball, at least two people

Object: to be the person who wins each match

How To Play: Start off by lining every player up against the wall. Once they are lined up, the first person chooses who he/she wants to come after him/her. Then, the next person chooses who they want after them and so on until all players are chosen. Once all players know who they follow, play begins. To start, the only rules are as follows:

1) when the ball is served, it must be a fair serve (i.e. accepted by the second person)
2) the ball must hit the ground first and then the wall
3) a player may only hit the ball. Catching is not allowed.

Using these basic rules, play starts with the first person serving the ball. Each person hits the ball (ground and then wall) until someone gets out. When someone gets out, they begin forming the line on the edge of the handball court, out of the way of the action. As each person gets out, they line up at edge of the court until one player wins.

Once one player wins, they play one-on-one against the first person in line. Whoever gets out goes to the end of the line and waits their turn to play. If a person beats three people in a row from the line, they get to make one new rule. For every three people that the winner beats, a new rule can be made. Play can continue forever once the line is established and rules start getting made. Some sample rules are as follows:

Watermelons: a person goes under the ball rather than hitting it. They must say “watermelons” when they do this.”
Catchies: a person may catch the ball and then hit it.
Set-ups: a person may bump the ball up and then hit it.
Waterfalls: a person takes a fake swipe at the ball by running their hands over it without hitting it. They must say “waterfalls” when they do this.
Underoos: just like waterfalls, only the person swipes their hand under the ball, rather than over it. Must say “underoos”.
Black Magic: rather than hitting the ball a person says “Black Magic” as their hit.

There are many more rules that can be made here and many rules are geographic. That is, depending on where you live, a “black magic” is something completely different than what I know it to be. I start off without all the colorful rules because the more rules there are, the more this game becomes an argument rather than a game. What rules have you played by in this game?


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