Snowball Fight

This is a great indoor game for rainy days that will help the participants use up a lot of their pent-up energy and get their crazies out.

Materials: lots of used or unuseable paper that will need to get recycled. (e.g. newspaper, scratch paper), two long rows of tables (three tables end-to-end in each row) set about 4 feet apart to create a gap or “no man’s land” in the middle.

Area: a classroom-sized area

Number of Partcipants: an even number of at least ten particpants, divided in half to make two teams

Objective: to be the first team to get every snowball on the other team’s side

Set Up: crumble up hundreds of balls of paper and distribute evenly to both teams. Each team lines up facing the other team behind their “bunker” (row of tables) with their share of “snowballs” (crumbled up paper). One “spy” is assigned to each team to account for snowballs in the gap between the two rows of tables. The job of the spy is to push snowballs from the gap, under the tables, to the opposite team in order to increase their snowballs. The game ends when one team has no snowballs on their side or as close as you can come to it.

NOTE: Do not sadapt this game by setting the tables on their sides as they topple easily and can hurt somebody.


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