This game not only keeps participants busy and active, it also helps develop their base-running skills for baseball. This game doesn’t need to be an outside game. I’ve played this game inside for years. When you have a smooth tile floor, it encourages sliding into the base.

Materials: one tennis ball, two bases (No mitts needed! You can even play this with other playground balls. See “Variations” below.)

Area: you’ll need to adjust the distance between bases, based on the throwing abilities of your catchers. The length of a classroom works well.

Objective: Runners try to get safely from one base to the other as many times as they can without getting tagged out. Catchers try to get the runners out.

How To Play: Select two “catchers” who are good enough to throw and catch the ball consistently along the distance of the bases. Two runners at a time may play. Everyone else who wants to play should line up somewhere out of the way of the ball being thrown, preferably at midway point between bases, about 25 feet back so as not to interfere with the runners. Runners start on opposite bases. One runner must steal a base at least once before ten throws have been made. As long as one runner steals a base or successfully makes it to the midway point and back to the original base before the end of ten throws, both runners are sill on. If nobody runs with in ten throws, both runners are out and two new runners come in. For each base stolen, a runner get one point. They remember their own points throughout the game. Once a runner is tagged out, they may get in line to run again.

-If a runner goes outside the imaginary line between the two bases (known as the “baseline”) by more than 5 feet on either side, they are automatically out.
-If a runner interferes with a throw in any manner, they are out.

-Catchers can either catch for the whole game (usually a counselor is a permanent catcher) or a catcher gets replaced by the person he/she tags out.
-Try this using a football to develop football skills.
-Try this game with a soft dodgeball and get the runners out by throwing the ball at them.
-Try starting runners at the midway point rather than on a base where it’s safe. It forces the runner to earn the right to be on a safe base for ten throws.


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