Amoeba Tag

This game is great to help a group of participants work together.

Materials: none

Number of Participants: 15-30

Area: size of a basketball court

Objective: to be the last free-running person

How To Play: One person stars out as “it”. When they tag someone, they must walk around together holding hands to tag the next person. As another and another person are tagged, they join the group that is now “it”. The “it” group must always have all of its members present and joined to the group in order to legitimately tag another person. Game ends when only one person is not part of the “it” group. That person gets to pick a person to be “it” to start the next round.

A variation of this is to allow the amoeba group to split off as long as every amoeba has at least three members. So, the first split may not occur until six participants have become part of the larger amoeba, then they may split into two amoebas with three in each group. This helps the game go faster and adds excitement.


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