Triangle Tag

This game is such an active game that they won’t mind holding hands. It’s a great way to get your group to hold hands for the first time and it won’t feel yucky. After this, hand-holding games aren’t so bad.

Materials: none

Area: a clear area at least 10′ x 10′.

Objective: Tag the other person while working around the big obstruction.

Number of People: 4 per game

How To Play: Three people hold hands in a circle. One of those people is the target. The fourth person is it. They try to tag to target person while the other two people protect the target by moving in the way. The triangle may not break. Once someone lets go of their hands, the target is it and the person who was “it” becomes part of the triangle. 

Once both the target and the tagger have played their parts, the other two become the target and the tagger until two games have been played.


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