Partner Line-Up

Great way to get a large group in a line and facing a partner.

Materials: none

Area: large enough to accommodate the length of the entire group in half.

Objective: Get group lined up with a partner for games that require this kind of a start.

How To Play: Start just like the Sneaky Line game where you ask everyone to follow the leader. Once everybody in the group has someone to follow, lead them from one extreme end of the area to the other, then do a quick U-turn so that the line doubles back on itself. As that happens, you can start giving everyone you pass a high-five. Once the leader comes to the person at the end of the line, they shout “STOP”. Have the line that is folded on itself turn to greet the people across the way and shake hands, making sure they have partnered up with one person. Space them out about an arm’s distance so you can begin the game that you want to start.


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