Name Juggle

Use this game when you want to get your group to know each other’s names.

Materials: 5-10 soft/squishy balls (or at most one ball per person in the group), balls must be about the size of a tennis ball and no larger than a grapefruit. Balls must not be hard or heavy since people may get hit in the face or head.

Area: Inside or outside, large enough to accommodate the whole group gathered in a circle at arms’ distance.

Objective: To get the entire group throwing and catching balls across the circle without dropping one.

How To Play: Get your group in a circle, facing inward, and leave a little space between people– about an arm’s length. Give the first ball to any one person in the group. Tell them to call out one person’s name that they will throw the ball to. When that person’s name is called, throw the ball to that person. When that person receives the ball, they choose someone in the circle who hasn’t touched the ball yet. They call that person’s name and throw the ball to them. Play continues until the ball has made it to every person in the group and then, back to the first person.

Once this has been done the first time, all participants must remember who they threw it to and continue to throw to that person. The leader introduces a second ball and then a third. Play continues until the maximum number of balls has been reached and the throwing and catching is one big tossing and catching game.


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