Mental Simon Says

Here’s a new twist on an old game. Great for situations where you don’t have much room to move around such as in a line at an amuzement park or on a bus.

Materials: None

Area: Any

How To Play: Instruct all players to sit or stand still while this game is going on. Do not move. Rather, perform the actions in your mind and only if they are preceded by “Simon Says”. They will need to perform the action at the end when you say: “Simon Says, show me the result”.

Here’s a sample of what to say:

-Simon Says put your hands on your head.
-Simon Says to pull your left leg to your chest.
-Put your right hand over your right ear.
-If your right leg is on the ground, Simon Says to put your left hand over your left ear.
-If your right leg is behind your head, Simon Says cross your eyes.
-Simon Says, stick out your tongue.
-Simon Says, put your left leg out in front of you.
-If your right leg is on the ground, put it out in front of you like the left leg.
-Simon Says, show me the result.

All winners would get into a stance with their left leg out in front of them, their left hand over their ear, right hand on their head and their tongues sticking out. The tricky part is not actually doing the action until the very end.


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