Here Comes the Counselor

This is a game that gets people mixing in with others quickly.

Materials: None

Area: About half a volleyball court for 25 people. Larger spaces for more people.

Objective: To be the last person in the game.

How To Play: This game involves elimination but it gets a crowd gathered to see who is the last person in.

Remember the following stances and teach them to your group first. Have them perform them so they can remember them.

One Person: The command is “Here Comes The Counselor”. The action is one person standing alone at attention, eyes front, with arms at their side as if an army drill sergeant were coming to inspect them.

Two Person: The command is “Night Hike”. The action is two people, back to back, walking as if they were holding imaginary flashlights in both hands (like a light saber) and walking through a dark forest as they tried to prevent a bear sneaking up on them.

Three Person: The command is “Stirring the Pot”. The action is two people face to face holding hands to form an imaginary pot while one person stirs the pot with an imaginary ladel.

Four Person: The command is “Campfire”. The action is three people holding hands forming a circle while one person dances around inside the circle, arms a flailing, as if they were the imaginary flame inside the fire ring.

Five Person: The command is “Lights Out”. The action is two pairs of people, standing side-by-side, forming a tent by facing each other with arms raised above them and joining hands in a high ten while one person sleeps inside the imagainary tent.

Once you’ve taught all the actions and the participants remember them somewhat, begin the game. Call out any one of the commands. Participants who can’t find a group to match up are eliminated. For example, if you have 26 participants and you call out “Campfire”, six groups will form and two people will be left out.

The best way to break things up if you see people hanging out together is to intersperse your commands with “Here Comes the Counselor”.


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