Farm Call

This game is great for large groups who are just getting to know each other. Try the “Non-Competitive Adaptation” at the bottom of this description, especially if you are planning on transitioning into another game that requires smaller groups.

Materials: None

Area: Space large enough to accommodate the number of people participating as they walk around trying to partner up.

Objective: Find another farm animal just like you by using your farm animal voice.

How To Play: Get everyone lined up in one straight line. For an easy way to get a large group lined up in one straight line play a game listed under the “Line Up Games” category. The leader will walk down the line giving each person a farm animal as their identity. Use “rooster”, “cow”, “pig”, “sheep” and “dog” as the farm animals, in that order. Just go down the line assigning  the same five animals over and over until everyone in the group has an animal identity.

When the leader shouts “Farm Call, groups of two”, all the animals must make their animal sounds to find another farm animal just like them. Dogs pair up with dogs, roosters with roosters and so on. Only two animals may group up. When a pair is made, the animals are silent. If an animal doesn’t have a pair, they are out.

Next, the leader says “Farm Call, groups of three” (or four or five, depending on how many animals they want to require in one group). Animals make their sounds, group up with like farm animals and quiet down once they have the required number in their group. Anyone without the required number in their group is out.

It gets down to a few animals. The game ends when it is impossible to eliminate anymore players.

Non Competitive Adaptation: To make this game non-competitive and more about getting to know each other, try this… The leader assigns everyone to be a farm animal. The farm animals mingle and when the leader says “Farm Call” all animals find their group by making their animal noise. Once all campers have found their appropriate group the game is over and can be transitioned into smaller group games using the existing animal groups.


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