Heads Up, Seven Up

Here’s an old game we all probably played in grade school. This game is best when there are at least 25 players. It’s not an active game, so you can play in a relatively confined space.

Materials: none

Area: large enough to accommodate at least 25 players

How To Play: Seven players are chosen to be “it”. All the other players close their eyes and put their heads down. No peeking! They also put one hand out with their thumb up in the air. The seven who are “it” circulate around the room. Each of the seven chooses only one person by gently pushing their thumb down. If your thumb gets pushed down, stay in position, without peeking. Once all seven have each chosen a person, they all meet back at the front and say together, “Heads Up, Seven Up”. This indicates that all players may open their eyes. The seven who were chosen, stand up. One by one, each person gets one chance to guess who pushed their thumb down. If the guess is correct, that person replaces the person who was “it”. Once all guesses have been made, play starts all over.


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