This game can be used for a carnival booth as well.

Materials: caroms are best– 5 of each color, 2 colors; a smooth 8-foot table, painter’s tape, marker

Objective: Be the first to score 21 points

Set Up:
Arrange table with one end about 5 inches away from a wall so the caroms can drop off if they get too close to the edge. Put a band of tape across the table only 2″ from the edge and write “5 Points” on it. Put another band of tape across the table 6 inches from the other band of tape and write “3 points on it. These are your scoring areas.

How To Play:
Players alternate turns sliding their caroms down the length of the table trying to get it into the scoring positions. As players alternate turns, they may try and knock off the other player’s caroms that have scored, thereby nullifying that score. Carons not showing all the center area inside the scoring area do not score. Play continues until one team reaches 21 points or more.

Adaptation: Use checkers for caroms. If the checker isn’t all the way in the scoring position, it doesn’t count as a score.


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