This is a beginner’s volleryball game. It’s a great way to build up volleyball skills in kids who are too young to play the real thing.

Materials: volleyball court, net and ball; 6 players per team; 2 teams

Area: volleyball court

How To Play:
The ball is thrown over the net for the serve. Depending on the age and ability of the participants, the serve can be done from behind the back line as in real volleyball.

Once the ball is over the net, the other team must catch it before it hits the ground. When they catch it, they must share it with at least two other team-mates before the ball can be thrown over the net again. Once the ball is on one side of the net, that team has a 5-alligator count to share it with the required two people and then get it back over the net. If that doesn’t happen, the other team wins that round.

As in volleyball, only the serving team can score. Play is up to 16 points. Winning team must win by 2 points. If a player’s hand touches the net, that team loses the round. If the ball touches the ground in-bounds, that team loses the round.


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