Jello Drop

This is a messy game but is well worth the effort.

Materials: cubes of jello or a bag of large marshmallows; a rooftop or ladder; trash bags for all participants, 2 pylons

Area: small area for drop zone, about 10 feet in diameter

Objective: “Catch” the jello with your mouth as it is dropped from a high point

How To Play:
The group leader gets on the roof or on top of the ladder with all the jello cubes. Participants line up behind the pylons that give the “catcher” enough room to move around as needed. Each person gets one turn to be “catcher” then they have to get back in line. If a participant makes a legal “catch” they get another turn.

Adaptation: After ruining so many shirts with cherry and orange jello, I got wise and had the participants wear garbage bags with a hole cut in the bottom for their head to poke through. Still, jello is a messy thing to clean up when there is a lot of it on the ground. I ended up switching to marshmallows and didn’t need the garbage bags. Still, sticky marshmallows on the ground make for a sticky floor. This is best done outside.


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