Have You Ever…?

Be careful not to let this game degenerate into nasty talk.

Materials: peanuts or chips or pennies

Area: table large enough to accommodate at least 6 players

How To Play:
One player starts by putting a penny into the pot in the middle of the table and telling one truthful statement about themself that they don’t think everybody at the table has done such as: “I ran a 4-minute mile”. Play goes to the person on the right who puts in a penny if they have run a 4-minute mile. If they haven’t, they dont’ put a penny in the middle. Once it has gone all the way around the table, the person to the right of the first person makes their truthful statement such as “I have a dog”. Everyone who has a dog puts a penny in the pot.

Play continues until one person has gotten rid of all their pennies first.


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