This game combines the elements of football, shareball and basketball into a fast-paced running game.

Materials: one ball (any kind), a clean trash can, enough pylons to mark an area about 10′ in diameter around the trash can, 16 minimum players– 8 on each team

Area: a basket ball court

Objective: throw the ball into the trash can

How To Play:
Put the laundry basket at center court and surround it with pylons to delineate the forbidden zone. Only one player from each team (the goalie) is allowed in the forbidden zone during the game.

The ball is thrown in-bounds and both teams try to gain control of the ball. If a person has the ball, they must stop where they are and pivot on one foot like in basketball. They want to throw the ball to another team-mate to get the ball closer to the goal. The other team may only guard the person with the ball but may not touch them (just like in basketball). The person with the ball has a 5-alligator count to throw the ball to a team-mate. If they don’t, they must throw the ball in the air at least ten feet high and are ineligible to catch it.

Play continues until one team gets the ball into the trash can. Goalies for each team try to prevent the other team from scoring.

If a player is fouled by a member of the other team, (same fouls as in basketball), The player who was fouled is given a chance to throw the ball in the trash can from where they were fouled. Goalies may not interfere; this is a free shot.


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