This game is surprisingly fun once you get it started. You can adapt this in so many different ways. Here’s the basic game.

Materials: 10-15 pieces of various equipment that isn’t too big to carry — two of each. Examples include staplers, baseball bats, baseball gloves, soccer balls, lunch bags, keychains, etc. You will need pylons to delineate the area boundary.

Area: About the length of a basketball court and only as wide as two teams need.

Object: To be the first team to transfer all the equipment, one by one from one end of the court to the other.

How To Play:
Divide up the group into two teams with at least 8 on each team. Set all the equipment at the opposite end of the course from the starting line. When the game begins, the first person on each team runs down to the other side where they have identical piles of equipment. Each participant chooses only one item to pick up and run back to the next person in their line. They hand that item to the next runner who proceeds down to the equipment pile. The previous runner gets back at the end of the line so he/she can run again. Meanwhle, the second runner goes to the equipment pile and picks up another item. This person now has two items that they are carrying back to the next person in line: the first item and the item they chose. They give it to the 3rd person in line and the game keeps going until all the items are carried back to the starting point. If at any time, an item hits the ground, that item must be returned to the inheritance pile and must be reclaimed later. Sometimes it takes a few extra trips to get all items to the starting point. When all the items are brought back without being dropped, tht team wins.

-Have more than two teams participating
-Rather than having the teams walk a straight line to and from the inheritance pile, put them through an obstacle course.
-Blindfold the runners and shorten the course.


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