When it’s time to sit down, this game works well.

Materials: none. Need at least 10 players.

Area: 10′ x 10′

How To Play:
Sitting in a circle facing the center of the group, each participant almost knee-to-knee, one person starts the game by saying the word “Zoom”. This passes an imaginary ball to the person on the left. The next person also says “Zoom”. Play continues until the imaginary ball has been passed around the circle one time. After one complete circle the direction of the imaginary ball can be changed with the following words: “Schwartz” is the word that means, “change the direction of the ball”. In other words, if the ball is going left, it now goes right. If the person who just passed you the ball gets “Schwarzed” they can either pass it back to you with a “Schwartz” or they can continue the direction by saying “Zoom”. Confused yet?

Wait, it gets better. There’s one more verbal command: “Profigliano” (pronounced pro-FIG-lee-ah-no) that sends the imaginary ball to the person you point at. You could send it across the circle. The person who receives it just needs to say “Zoom” to pass the ball to the person next to them (continuing the direction it was already going) or they can “Schwartz” it back to the person who “Profiglianoed” them in the first place.

When someone messes up, nobody is out. Play starts all over again with “Zoom” gong once around the circle again.

A fun way to fake people out with this is to look at a different person than the intended recipient of the imaginary ball. This tends to confuse everybody.


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