Human Knot

Great initiative or circle game after you’ve played Pulse. This is a little mroe advanced and requires some stick-to-it-tiveness with all people involved.

Materials: none. Need at least 15 people to make this initiative challenging.

Area: about half a volleyball court for a gorup of 25.

How To Play:
All participants get together in a huddle and put both hands into center. Each participant holds hands with different people in the huddle. Once it is determined that everyone is holding hands, everyone in the huddle backs up a little. At this point, the leader asks one person in the huddle to pass a pulse with their right hand only. Each subsequent person who receives the pulse, passes it on. Hopefully, the pulse will return to the starter, meaning there is one complete chain. If it doesn’t, this means that there are at least two chains and the group will need to re-huddle and restart until the pulse passes through the entire group.

Once it is determined that there is only one chain, the objective is simple: untie the knot. To untie the knot, no participant may let go of another’s hand for any reason. If a break in the chain occurs, the entire group must start over with a new huddle.

Groups of 15 can do this in less than 5 minutes. This game is best played with 25-50 participants.


Good for: communication, leadership


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