This game is good for those who can spell well.

Materials: none. Group of at least 5 people.

Area: a space large enough to accommodate the number of people in the group, sitting in a circle.

How To Play:
The objective is to force the person next to you into spelling an actual word. You don’t want to be the person who spells a word. Two-letter words do not count.

Play starts with a person saying a letter, such as “G”. Play passes to the person on the right, who has to add a letter after the “G” that will lead to the correct spelling of an actual word. In other words, “X” wouldn’t work because no words start with “GX”.

Let’s say the second person chooses the letter “H”. That works well since there are words that start with “GH” such as “ghost”, “ghoul” and “ghastly”. The next person must add a letter to the string that doesn’t complete a word, yet does contribute to the spelling of a word. This person says “O”, for example. That’s good because there are words that start with “GHO” such as “GHOST” and “GHOUL”.

The fifth person in line is getting the bad end of the deal here because the fourth person will add, let’s say, an “S”. Now the fifth person has to think if there is any way to get out of spelling a word. Unfortunately, there is only one way this string of letters can go, and it’s “GHOST”. That fifth person is going to lose unless he can bluff the next person such as by adding an “L” so the string passes to the sixth person as “GHOSL”. The sixth person must either try to pass the word on or challenge the fifth person by saying, “what word did you have in mind?” Well, there are no words that have “GHOSL…” in them. The fifth person loses that round.

The good thing about this game is that nobody gets out. It’s a nice brainteaser exercise.


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