Zombie Tag

This game is great for Halloween active imagination time. This is a tag game that has a creepy feeling to it. It’s even more fun played at night in a park.

Ideal Materials: none

Area: a large field with places to hide

How To Play:
One person starts out “it”. That person is the Zombie Master or ZM. The ZM is the only player on the zombie team who may run. When the ZM tags a “human”, that human has become “zombized” and they become a zombie. One thing about zombies: they cannot run. Zombies may only move with their knees locked and their arms out in front of them. They can even add to the fun by calling out “Brains!” as they seek to zombize the remaining humans. Zombies must always tell the truth because their brains have been eaten and they don’t know how to lie. All zombies as well as the ZM continue tagging all people until only one free person has not been “zombized”.

When running from zombies and you’re not sure if a person has been “zombized”, ask the person if they are a zombie. They must tell the truth. If they lie and they tag you, they can’t turn you into a zombie. The tag doesn’t count.


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