Trust Walk

This is a great way to begin the teambuilding process, one person at a time.

Ideal Materials: blindfolds made of stretchable scrunchie material, 2 inches wide, thick enough to cover the eyes, wide enough to fit snugly around any size head, washable.

Alternate Materials: none. Part of the trust walk exercise is to see how many times the “blind” person opens their eyes. Ask them after the walk.

How To Play:
People pair up. One person is blindfolded; the other is the leader. The leader takes the blindfolded person around a pre-determined course, describing the path ahead.
If no blindfolds are used and teh blind person is simply closing their eyes, ask how many times they had to open their eyes at the end of the walk. This will be a good indicator of how well the leader described the course ahead and how easy it was to establish trust.

Good for: Leadership, Communication


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