This Is A… A What?

When you are sitting around in a circle and want to have a little fun, try this game. It takes some coordination but eventually, it gets the whole room in an uproar.

Materials: Gather a bunch of office supplies, art supplies, athletic equipment and anything else you can think of that can be held in one hand and is not too difficult to pronounce. At least 6 players. Can be practiced with two people to get the rhythm.

Area: Inside or outside, sitting in a circle.

How To Play:
First, pair up and practice with a partner. Using one object only, a ball in this case, pass the ball back and forth between person one and person two like this:

Person 1: This is a ball.
Person 2: A what?
Person 1: A ball.
Person 2: A what?
Person 1: A ball.
Person 2: Oh! A ball!

The ball is passed at the “Oh! A ball!” part and now Person 2 has the ball. Person 2 then begins the passing sequence just as person 1 had done. The goal is to try and get a smooth flow going between two people so there is constant rhythm.

Once people have mastered the flow, the two partners now try to pass two objects. In other words, Person 1 will say, “This is a ball” while Person 2 is saying “This is a rag”. Then both will say “A what” at the same time, then Person 1 says “A ball” as Person 2 says “A rag”… The sequence continues until they trade their objects back and forth a few times.

Now, for the fun part. Once everyone in the group can pass an object while receiving it as above, everyone sits in a circle, knee to knee. Start with a trail run, passing the ball to the right. Make sure the ball gets all the way around the circle. As it does, add another object, like the rag. Then add another object and another until there are as many objects passing around the circle as people.


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  1. I love this collection of games! thanks


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