This is an average-paced game with lots of stops and starts.

Materials: One ball, soft enough to get hit with and hard enough to throw far.

Area: A large enough area to run away from the center such as a full basketball court or a soccer field.

How To Play:
This takes at least 6 people to have fun with. Everyone starts gathered in the center of the playing area. The ball is thrown into the air. Anyone can catch it. Once someone has complete control over it, they call out “Freeze”. At that point, everyone except the ball carrier must freezed in the position they are in. Anyone not stopping immediately must take three giant steps back towards the center. The person with the ball gets three giant steps in any direction. From there, they get to roll or throw the ball at anyone who does not have the ball. As the ball comes towards a person they may not move the body parts that are touching the ground; they must keep tose planted where they are. They may move their upper body by ducking or swaying in order to avoid a ball, but their planted body parts may not move from their position.

If a person is touched by the ball, they get a letter. The first letter of course is “S”. The second letter is “P”. Each time a person gets hit, they get a letter until the word “SPUDS” is spelled out. Once a person has all the letters, they are out of the game. Play continues until there are only two players left.

This game is best played in a confined space such as an enclosed basketball court.


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