Octopus Tag

This is a great active game on the yard. It’s a lot like the old water game “Sharks in the Water”.

Ideal Materials: pylons to mark the boundaries

Area: for 25 kids you will need a half basketball court. One end is the “Safe Cove” where the fish will start from; the other end is about the size of a hockey goal and is the “Shark’s Den”.

Object: Fish need to get to the “Shark’s Den” and back to their “Safe Cove” before they get tagged. The Shark needs to tag as many Fish as possible during each round, until there is only one Fish left.

How To Play:
One person is the Shark, they are “it”. The shark stands on one end of the field at the “Shark’s Den” and begins play by calling out “shark’s in the water”. Other players begin in the “safe cove” on the opposite end of field. Once the “shark’s in the water” call has begun the round, the safe cove is no longer safe until the fish has made it to the shark’s den and back. The shark moves away from the den and tries to tag as many players as possible.

All fish try to get to the shark’s den and back to their safe cove before the shark tags them. If the shark tags them, the fish become “seaweed” and must stand in one place with both feet anchored to the ground where they were tagged. As seaweed, players keep their arms out and try to tag the Fish who are still avoiding the Shark. If a fish goes out of the water boundary, they automatically become seaweed and must take a three-step lead into the water.

Once the fish have touched the shark’s den and made it back safely to their cove, they are safe and stay there waiting for the next round to begin. Play ends when there is only one fish left. That fish names the new shark.

The shark should try to tag fish as close together as possible so they make a massive “kelp-bed”. This way it is harder for other fish to swim around.


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