Mushroom Tag

This game was banned from several schools and daycamps simply because it was all the kids wanted to play, day-in and day-out.
Think of this game as an interactive dodgeball game with elements of basketball, dodgeball, bombardment and more. This game will get even the least active kids into the game.

Materials: one Nerf soccer ball or another ball that won’t hurt if it hits someone in the head

Area: depends on the number of kids– 25 kids can play this on half a basketball court. You will need to adapt the size to the participants throwing ability.

Object: Throw the ball at others who are up and try to be the last person standing.

How To Start: The ball is thrown up in the air, preferably by the last winner, to begin the game.

-A person who is up is called a runner.
-A runner with the ball tries to hit other runners with the ball.
-Anyone hit by the ball is turned into a “mushroom”. Mushrooms sit on their fanny– both cheeks on teh floor.
-A runner with the ball may pivot on one foot like a basketball player.
-A runner with the ball may only travel up to three steps with it. Any more than three steps and they must roll the ball on the ground, forfeiting their throw.
-A runner with the ball has only 5-alligators to get rid of it. If they don’t, they must roll the ball on the ground, forfeiting their throw.
-If the ball hits you before it bounces on the ground, you must sit down on your fanny. You are now a mushroom.
-If you catch a ball thrown at you before it bounces, the person who threw the ball has to sit on their fanny.
-Anyone on their fanny is called a “mushroom”.
-Mushrooms must stay seated on their fanny, two cheeks on the ground, and may try to tag those who are still runners.
-If a mushroom tags a runner, the mushroom is up and the runner becomes a mushroom.
-When you become a mushroom, you must give a 3-alligator count before you are eligible to tag anyone.
-If a mushroom catches a ball before it bounces, the runner who threw it is now a mushroom, and the mushroom who caught it is up.
-If a mushroom has control of the ball because it rolled to them, they can throw it at a runner.
-If the mushroom hits a runner with the ball, the mushroom is up and the runner is down.
-If a person throws the ball and it hits a runner in the head, both people are down.
-If the ball goes out of bounds, only one runner may get it. They have only a 5-alligator count to get back in bounds and throw the ball once they have picked up the ball. Anyone who went after the ball and did not get the ball must be back inside the boundary before the runner with the ball, or they are an automatic mushroom.
-Anyone going outside the boundary when the ball is still in the boundary is an automatic mushroom.
-Play continues until there is only one runner standing.

-Runners can ally themselves with mushrooms by rolling the ball to them and asking them to roll it back as they move towards the people they need to get out.
-Try to share the ball as much as possible like a telephone line so that all mushrooms are involved and not just sitting.
-This is a great games when it’s campers against staff.


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