Chicken Hawk

Play this game after you have already played Pulse. This is part of progressing your team identity forward.

Materials: one rubber chicken, enough blindfolds for the entire group, one oversized coin

Area: a space, indoors or out, that is large enough to accommodate a line 10 people long and two people wide.

Objective: to be the first chicken hawk to get the chicken

How To Play:
Two teams are divided with an equal number of people, facing each other about double-arm’s length apart. At least 8 on each team is best. Team-mates hold hands and are all blindfolded except for the “eyes” of the hawk. The “eyes” are the players on the far end of the line who watch the over-sized coin fall. When the coin ends up on “heads”, the “eyes” pass a pulse down the line.

At the other end of the line are the “claws”. The players who are the “claws” are waiting for the pulse to tell them that they need to pick up the rubber chicken that lay at their feet. Once they feel the pulse, they pick up the chicken. The team who gets the chicken gets a point. When this happens, the “claws” become the “eyes” and the “eyes” move down to the second position.

If a team picks up the chicken on an erroneous pulse, that team loses a point– the “eyes” become “claws” and the perosn who was next to the “eyes” now becomes the “eyes”.

Play until the line has rotated positively through all the players and the original set of “eyes” is back in the “eye” position.


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