This is an old favorite and may have different ways to play it depending on the area you were raised in. Some people know it as “Prisoner”. It’s fast, fun and full of flying balls. Watch out!

Materials: As many playground balls as you can get together. Nerf soccerballs work best since someone’s bound to get hit in the head.

Area: The ideal area is a tennis court. It’s surrounded by fence, has a low net and a pre-defined boundary.

Objective: Be the team with the last person standing.

How To Play:
Start with an equal number of balls against the net on each side. Teams line up at the back line and, when the game starts, everyone runs to the net to get the balls. Once you have possession of a ball, you want to throw it at the people on the other team. If you hit someone, they sit out on the sidelines. They can also be the out-of-bounds ball shuckers so their team doesn’t need to run after a ball and they aren’t sitting down.

If you throw a ball at a person and they catch it before it bounces, you are out. In addition, the team that caught the ball gets to bring in one of their prisoners from the sidelines.

The game ends when one team has sidelined all of the players on the other team.


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