Ants On A Log

A great icebreaker that requires very little skill. Teamwork level on this one is fairly low. Frustration level is also low on this one.

Ideal Materials: 2×4 that is 8-10 feet long.

How to Start: 6-12 participants (“ants”) stand on the 2×4 (“log”) keeping their feet off the ground.

Try to switch positions so “ants” 1, 2, 3 etc. have switched with the positions of 12, 11, and 10 etc. Feet may not touch the ground.

Alternate Objectives:
-Line up according to height without taking.
-Line up according to birthdate without talking
-Switch positions with one blind “ant” at the end

There is no real answer to this except for the ants to cooperate with each other to find their natural abilities and physical limitations as a team. Some teams have picked up “ants” and passed them down the line. Most switch places one at a time by holding on to all other “ants” down the line until the objective is accomplished.

Good for: Conflict Resolution, Leadership, Motivation, Communication


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