Alligator Crossing

This is a higher-level initiative that is sure to frustrate any age group. This should only be performed after a group has built some cohesiveness as there is sure to be some set opinions on how to accomplish the task.

Ideal Materials: four pylons. 6 flexible rubber circle spots, 10”-12″ in diameter for lily pads.
Alternate Materials: backpacks to mark the swamp boundaries; paper plates for lily pads

Objective: Get the entire team of frogs across the alligator-laden swamp to the other end safely.

How To Play:
Mark a starting point with two pylons and an ending point about 50 feet away. Pylons should be only about 10-20 feet wide. Facilitator gives spots to participants and tells them the rules:

-all team members are frogs on one side of the river bank trying to get to the other side safely.
-frogs must use the lily pads to get across
-a lily pad must always be touched by a frog. If not, it gets taken by the alligator-faciltator and the frogs have fewer lily pads to get across the swamp with.
-frogs may not touch anything but the lily pads in their crossing. If a frog touches the swamp, the whole group must start over.
-frogs may restart the game at any time and get back all their lily pads.
-frogs will lose lily pads to the alligator (facilitator) up until they have none left.

-Watch for temper flare-ups.
-If someone has already played this initiative, make them the “mute” frog who may not talk, or, make them the blind frog who must wear a blindfold.

Good for: Conflict Resolution, Leadership, Motivation, Communication


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